Pay Per Click (PPC)


Pay Per Click can be a very cost effective marketing technique to drive traffic on your site, provided you are doing it right. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method of search engine marketing that enables businesses to reach consumers when they are actively searching for products and services. The main objective of PPC is to funnel qualified buyers to your website or consumer landing pages at critical moments in the buying circle.

Anyone can buy keywords and drive large volume of traffic to your site but if that traffic leaves as soon as they get there because your offering isn’t relevant to what they are looking for, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money. It is very important to know exactly what keywords your target audiences are using to search for services like yours and then purchase those keywords. The more traffic you enjoy the more your business graph soars higher. Our experienced professional PPC management team helps you to only target the kind of visitors you need for your website.

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PPC Campaign setup

Our PPC campaign set up is structured around your business goals to ensure that your advertising brings real value to your business. We always aim to implement a plan from your competitor analysis through to CPC that drives both traffic and results with our strategies.

PPC Implementation

We have a detailed pay per click implementation process that is crucial in helping us build pay per click accounts that can evolve and change as our clients businesses grow and develop. We always work hard to ensure our clients Pay Per Click campaigns are targeting the right search users at the right time.


Our analysis is broad and focused backed with over a decade’s experience in what drives people to websites. We explore every detail of your Google PPC account to find out what needs to stay, what needs to go and what can be changed. We believe an ongoing analysis is imperative to the success of your campaign.


We understand you will want to know how exactly it is going. We always make sure that you are kept up to date with detailed reports that helps you to understand where your ads are appearing, how often and who is clicking them. We will measure clicks, impressions, CTR positions, CPC and most significantly ROI.